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CHARLIE KITCHEN: Interpolations

CHARLIE KITCHEN: Interpolations

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Deasil presents Interpolations, a solo exhibition of photographs by Charlie Kitchen.

Interpolations is a selection of new works created in southwestern Nevada and California. Beginning with a fondness for the exploratory roots of landscape photography, Kitchen uses a large-format film camera and an extensive process of intervention based on hand-made masking and collage. By registering imagery from the natural world within geometric shapes, Kitchen forges a relationship between two polar concepts of idyllic representation. To interpolate means to alter by the insertion of new matter; the evidence of the artist’s hand within this passage creates space for new perspectives. Kitchen’s work heeds the human desire to make sense of the relativity between time and space, offering a journey with a delightful impasse. 

Charlie Kitchen’s work has been exhibited at Palo Alto College, Hello Studio, and Southwest School of Art. He holds a degree in photography from Texas State University (San Marcos, TX.) He currently lives and works in San Antonio, TX. 

More on Charlie Kitchen’s process: Each large format collage work underwent an extensive process of using a 4x5 view camera, black vinyl, acetate, and a multiple exposure technique. Using a template, a black paper mask replicates the dark slide of the large format film holder is cut and inserted into the camera before the shutter is released and the film is exposed. The light shines through the lens, through the mask, and onto the sheet of film, resulting in an exposure that mimics the shape cut from of the vinyl. A negative mask of the form is fabricated with acetate to expose the background of each form. The masks are registered during production to prevent these exposures from overlapping, creating a fully exposed piece of film. The negative is processed, scanned, and then printed digitally on paper. Each frame is custom made by the artist in an attempt to maintain the presence of the hand during every step of production.

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