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Square Dance, Step I:      Liz & Maurice Trevino

Square Dance, Step I: Liz & Maurice Trevino


by Liz & Maurice Trevino

Opening Reception Friday April 6, 7-10pm

at Bale Creek Allen Gallery

916 Springdale Road, Building 2, #103

Austin, TX 78702

DEASIL proudly presents Backsliding, an exhibition of paintings by Liz and Maurice Trevino, at Bale Creek Allen Gallery. Husband and wife Maurice and Liz have been creative collaborations on canvas and paper for over 20 years, and have recently started producing independent works. Backsliding features both the collaborative works and their solo pieces on view for the first time.

LIZ & MAURICE TREVINO.   The Hidden .  Oil & acrylic on canvas.  54.5 x 66 inches

LIZ & MAURICE TREVINO.  The Hidden.  Oil & acrylic on canvas.  54.5 x 66 inches

The foundation of the Trevino's work is sequential art. Backsliding shows influence from golden-age comics, pulp film posters, and propaganda ads. Maurice's piece Road to Nowhere is highly narrative, overloaded with action and blips of information one can use to parse out any number of stories. Liz's piece You Shouldn't Have, on the other hand, is restrained yet droll in composition, color palette, and with a lightly didactic caption that reads somewhere between a one-liner and an epitaph. Road to Nowhere is a cacophony that keeps the brain reeling, while You Shouldn't Have insists it comes to a complete halt and lingers on a singular, awkward moment. Full of drama and fantasy, Backsliding shows how two people navigate emotions uniquely while together.

Left: MAURICE TREVINO.   Road to Nowhere .  Oil & acrylic on canvas.  71 x 47 inches.   Right: LIZ TREVINO.   You Shouldn't Have .  Oil & acrylic on canvas.  48 x 36 inches.

Left: MAURICE TREVINO.  Road to Nowhere.  Oil & acrylic on canvas.  71 x 47 inches.   Right: LIZ TREVINO.  You Shouldn't Have.  Oil & acrylic on canvas.  48 x 36 inches.

Liz studied printmaking while Maurice studied painting; each piece develops in a process similar to printmaking. Composition is decided from photographs and sketched out, flat colors are painted in layers by hand, and then the final gloss black outlining is completed. Their creative process has transitioned from joint orchestration to a volley-style method.

Liz and Maurice Trevino live and work in San Antonio. Their work has been exhibited at Mexic-Arte Museum, Camp Fig, Presa House, and Art Palace. Both earned their BFAs from University of Texas, San Antonio. 

Square Dance, Step II: Raychael Stine

Square Dance, Step II: Raychael Stine

Square Dance

Square Dance