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Square Dance

Square Dance

DEASIL is going live with a 4-exhibition, 4-city tour of Texas. As a demonstration of the kind of programming you can expect going forward, this project is made possible through travel and research, collaboration with artists and fellow dealers, and inventive solutions. 

Incredible thanks Robyn O'Neil, Raychael Stine, Liz & Maurice Trevino, Cruz Ortiz, Bale Creek Allen, Barry Whistler, Snake Hawk Press, and Flaco Jimenez.


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Robyn O'Neil

at The River Oaks Bank Tower

Houston, TX

April 20, 5-8pm

on view through

May 20th, 2018

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Liz & Maurice Trevino

at Bale Creek Allen Gallery

Austin, TX 

April 6, 7-10pm

on view through

April 23, 2018

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Cruz Ortiz ...........


musica by 

Flaco Jimenez

-Y- Los Texmaniacs

at Snake Hawk Press

San Antonio, TX

May 6, 3pm - quien sabe


Raychael Stine

at Barry Whistler Gallery

Dallas, TX

April 12, 3-5:30pm

& April 14, 11-2pm

on view through

April 15, 2018

Square Dance, Step I:      Liz & Maurice Trevino

Square Dance, Step I: Liz & Maurice Trevino