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Da Le Shine !  +  SATX & ATX

Da Le Shine ! + SATX & ATX

The image above is a picture of a car wash we passed in San Antonio, called Da Le Shine!  which translates literally to "Give It Shine!" or, shine it up, make it shiny. The inviting colors, the rallying directive, the deft and appropriate use of Spanglish - it's all fantastic.

Polishing something is normally the last step in the creative process, but shine comes from a more fundamental place. There's a reason why San Antonio and Austin feel as comfortable as home to us. They offer vibrant environments full of people who showed us encouragement and support. Hanging out with these people, learning about their practices and their ambitions, we took pleasure in the act of listening. Taking the time to get to know our colleagues better has activated not only a physical momentum, but a forward-looking philosophy that is paramount to our new venture. So to the people around us who are promoting this kind of authenticity and kinship, THANKS FOR THE SHINE. 

A huge congratulations to Jeffrey Dell on his exhibition Future Castles, organized by our new friend Michele Monseau at the latest home of her roving curatorial project, three walls.

Another huge congrats to Deborah Roberts, who has work included in the exhibition 4 Texans: The Next Chapter, at the McNay Museum. Also featuring work by Xavier Gilmore, Rafael Gutierrez, and Calvin Pressley, the exhibition explores themes including identity, race, and appearance. 4 Texans is on view through May 6, 2018. While we were at there we also got to check out the 22nd annual Print Fair and works from the museum's diverse permanent collection.

We caught up with our old friends Liz & Maurice Treviño, who collaborate on drawings and large-scale paintings. Riffing on fantasy, western, and space-themed pop art, their work has a perverse quality lurking in the fields of stroke-less paint. Liz and Maurice themselves are two of the warmest, most hard-working people you'll ever meet, and DEASIL is thrilled to be presenting their solo exhibition Backsliding, hosted by Bale Creek Allen Gallery in Austin, TX, on April 6, 2018.

We also visited the studio of Charlie Kitchen, whose work explores physical and visual space by manipulating film photography, and who we were excited to have begun working with earlier this year.

We stopped by ArtPace and got a peek at what Carlos Rosales-Silva is up to. Carlos was in the middle of mounting an impressive installation as part of ArtPace's International Artist-In-Residence program, which opens March 22nd and will be on view through May 13, 2018. Our good friend Risa Puleo curated it - go see it! 

We also got in a studio visit with Charlie Morris, a trip to the Blue Star complex, a meeting with Bale Creek Allen, a dinner at Launderette, and a visit with Margaret and Tom at Slugfest print workshop. Until next time, y'all!

Janet the tortoise, who lives at Slugfest.

Janet the tortoise, who lives at Slugfest.

Our Inner Luchadors + CDMX

Our Inner Luchadors + CDMX