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The team at DEASIL explores the itinerant possibilities between commercial gallerists, art consultants, and independent curators. DEASIL offers a nomadic approach to programming that aims to produce exhibitions through the careful consideration of artistic intent, time, and unique location.. 

DEASIL is Arturo Palacios and Hilary Hunt, previously the faithful stewards of Art Palace (2005-2017,) a gallery which focused on promoting artists in Texas.

DEASIL means clockwise, dexterous, to follow the course of the sun, and to "move deasil" is considered lucky. DEASIL describes an action, an attitude, and an ethic. 



Arturo Palacios

Arturo owned Art Palace gallery for the past 12 years. Previously, he was the Gallery Director of the Dougherty Arts Center's Butridge Gallery (2003-2007,) and Gallery Director of Galeria Sin Fronteras (1997-2000.) Born in Richmond, TX, he was inspired by his grandmother to study studio art and art history at Southwestern University, Georgetown, TX.


Hilary Hunt

Hilary was born and raised in Laredo, TX and moved to Houston in 2006, where she earned a degree in Painting and Art History from the University of Houston. Hilary has worked in commercial galleries since 2011, and after 6 years at Art Palace, accepted Partnership to establish DEASIL.